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We believe each community has their unique needs. SwingBy is composed of multi-culture neighborhoods and different merchants from diverse culture.

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Updated Oct 5th, 2021


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Why SwingBy?



We collect variety of daily deals from local merchants and whosalers.



Buy with your friends, check your friends’ cart. We try to define a new to shop based on neighbourhood.



Pick up your community’s order in-store and drop off when swinging by your neighbour’s door.


SeaMax Wholesale

SeaMax Wholesale

SeaMax is a Japanese food supplier that has been operating in Toronto for over ten years, supplying premium seafood ingredients to over 500 restaurants

TJ Fruit Wholesale

TJ Fruit Wholesale

Asian produces provider in GTA

Fluffytale Pet

Fluffytale Pet

Pet store located at 2 Corby Rd, Unit 3, Markham, Ontario

Founding Team

  • Peng Bao

    Business Development, Founder

  • Carter Zhao

    Tech Team Lead, Co-founder

  • Jimmy Fang

    Founding Engineer, Co-founder

  • Jessica Wang

    Product Onwer & UIUX, Co-founder

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