Our Influencer Marketing

Why Chooses SwingBy


    We leverage clients’ financial and business acumen to tackle your marketing objectives with data to get the most precise selection of influencers at the best possible cost.


    Collaborations with content creators are no longer one-shot deals. SwingBy build and nurture relationships with influencer by establishing our influencer community to create long term partnerships that will generate quality content for our clients and drive better results.


    Owning an influencer network, SwingBy can help merchants to save labour, time, resources, money in future marketing campaigns in order to generate more revenues.

Our Influencer Community

SwingBy builds and nurtures relationships with local influencers by establishing our influencer community on Ticktock, Youtube, Xiao Hong Shu, and other mainstreamed social media platforms.

  • Instagram

    192 influencers from GTA onboarded; 500+ influencers partnerships achieved; 40% are native Cantonese speaking, while 50% are native English speaking

  • 小红书

    700+ local content creators from micro (1k followers) to mid-tier (10k followers) onboarded; 1k+ partnerships achieved; mainly are mandarin speaking influencers

  • Youtube

    30+ influencers onboarded; Organic promotional videos; Detailed video description

  • Ticktock

    50+ influencers onboarded; The most downloaded app of 2021; Short-form-content-oriented; Target at young target audience (aged 18 to 24)

Our Clients

  • 大虎火锅

  • 茶记冰室

  • 贤合庄

  • 海底捞


  • Gyu-Kaku

  • Ronin Izakaya

  • Kobi BBQ

  • 面魂 MIRA SAKE

Influencer Marketing

– Multi-channel customized package design;
– Influencer development and vetting;
– Content audit and delivery;
– Data analysis

Marketing Event

– Branding/Advertising Design
– Proposal writing and planning
– Video Production & Photography
– Materials print
– Execution

Digital Campaign

– Multi-channel impression planning
– Campaign deisgn
– Online-to-offline sales management with SwingBy merchant end


Seasonal Subscription

Tailored made to your business

  • - Dedicated Account Manager
  • - Influencers partnership settlement and management
  • - Personal Social Media Strategy Consultation
  • - Multi-channel content creation and management
  • - Social Media Audit
  • - Weekly Posts Guaranteed
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One-Time Purchase

Tailored made to your business

  • - Dedicated Account Manager
  • - Influencers partnership settlement and management
  • - Performance Forecast and Tracking
  • - Number of posts guaranteed
  • - Social Media Audit
  • - Personal Social Media Strategy Consultatio
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