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  • Instagram

    192 influencers from GTA onboarded; 500+ influencers partnerships achieved; 40% are native Cantonese speaking, while 50% are native English speaking

  • 小红书

    700+ local content creators from micro (1k followers) to mid-tier (10k followers) onboarded; 1k+ partnerships achieved; mainly are mandarin speaking influencers

  • Youtube

    30+ influencers onboarded; Organic promotional videos; Detailed video description

  • Ticktock

    50+ influencers onboarded; The most downloaded app of 2021; Short-form-content-oriented; Target at young target audience (aged 18 to 24)

Our Latest work

Clients said

  • Our mission is to spark discovery, connection, and joy through grocery shopping. We build SwingBy, the digital community platform to coordinate SMBs, consumers, and independent contractors. Our goal is to provide local SMBs an easy and stress-free approach to operate their e-commerce businesses; to provide independent contractors better payment and lighter job content as we streamline the process of pick-pack-deliver-distribute; to provide consumers a social purchasing experience where they can buy with friends and neighbors, save money and discover niche stores.

    Huge Mission
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    Check Your Friends’ Cart And Join To Boost Their Bulk Discount

    Either join a friend’s group by entering the invitation code received from friends or choose a nearby community to start your SwingBy journey.

    Check Your Friends’ Cart And Join To Boost Their Bulk Discount