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In this demo slider you can see how static layers, blending mode and slide linking work.







Angle is a unique and outstanding wordpress theme. Powered by html5 and CSS3 angle is the theme you want to have to take your site to the next level.

  • Instagram

    192 influencers from GTA onboarded; 500+ influencers partnerships achieved; 40% are native Cantonese speaking, while 50% are native English speaking

  • 小红书

    700+ local content creators from micro (1k followers) to mid-tier (10k followers) onboarded; 1k+ partnerships achieved; mainly are mandarin speaking influencers

  • Youtube

    30+ influencers onboarded; Organic promotional videos; Detailed video description

  • Ticktock

    50+ influencers onboarded; The most downloaded app of 2021; Short-form-content-oriented; Target at young target audience (aged 18 to 24)

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Angle can look great on showcasing your portfolios. Choose a shape style size and angle will make it look awesome

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