We’re digitalizing the in-store purchases experience — making it streamlined, connected, and social by default.

SwingBy is building the future of local commerce, starting with social group purchasing for local stores. We believe in 5 years, the stores will be entirely cashier-less. SwingBy mobile order and kiosk are the next generations of the in-store customer experience, replacing traditional register with self-serve and personalized checkout.

We enable mobile ordering, group buying and social connections during shopping for users. On our platform, stores and merchants grow their brand by converting offline purchasers into digital followers, while saving labour cost.

We provide users with a community-based purchasing experience that brings people together and give social aspect importance over the transaction. On our platform, users buy with their neighbors and friends, share their reviews and opinions, and check their friends’ shopping cart in order to get some new shopping ideas.

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Roles We Created

In SwingBy, we have created different roles in this digital community

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Convert anonymous walk-ins into digital followers.

  • World-class ordering experience
  • Collect customer data
  • Save on labor costs
  • Omni channel ordering from kiosk, QR code and online
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Become Our Community Partner

Special characters we created in SwingBy who takes charge of kiosk and last mile delivery

  • Attracting new members and gathering member needs, serving as a neighborhood kiosk
  • Earn easy commission from each order
  • More self-motivation, better payment rate and flexible schedule
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Become Our Pilot Partner

Bulk delivery from Stores to Captains. Earning up to $21/h

  • Streamline the process of pick-pack-deliver-distribute
  • Lighter job content
  • Bulked orders in one trip
  • Hourly wage up to $40/hour
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Become Our Resident

Share more and save more; discover niche stores in your city

  • Buy with friends, inspire connections
  • $0 delivery fee and no other hidden fee
  • Discover niche stores and new released items
  • Check friends’ shopping cart and get new shopping ideas
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